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Child Safety & Baby Proofing
Child Safety Assessment
Our professional service includes comprehensive home safety assessments and expert product installation. Our specially trained technicians are uniquely capable of thorough asessessment of your home and professional installation of recommended products. 

We charge a modest fee for our assessments and provide fixed prices for any products or services up-front before we begin work.
Baby Safety Assessments
Our assessment process identifies and prioritizes the baby safety issues in your home. It takes about sixty minutes for us to compile lists of observations and recommendations. You’ll receive practical tips and suggestions you can easily address on your own. Other recommendations will be product or service related: from child safety gates and child proof cabinet latches to custom solutions for window protection, electric protection, bracing of furniture, balcony protection, removable pool fencing and more.
Fast, Professional Installations
We’ll discuss our recommendations with you and provide a fixed price for any work you want us to do. Our technicians are trained to install the appropriate and best-value child safety products on the market. We are thorough, efficient, tidy and sensitive to your lifestyle. Our installations create a safe environment for your child without destroying the aesthetics of your home.
"No Surprises" Pricing
We charge a modest fee for our assessments. Following the assessment we provide you with a written price quote. You’ll know your exact cost (including material, labor and tax) with no surprises. You are under no obligation to have us implement our recommendations,but in most cases we’re prepared to do the installation immediately.
How You Benefit from our ChildProofing Services
•   Peace of mind knowing that you addressed the critical safety issues in your home.
•   Confidence that the job has been done right.
•   Relief that you won’t have to waste your precious weekends trying to find the best
     products and then struggling to install them.          
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